School Introduction

A non residential school for Deaf Children
Registration No, 191/RECOG ESTEN 84-85/D7
School Index No. 16-17-006


ROTARY SCHOOL FOR DEAF of Rotary Seva Kendra, a project of Rotary Club of Dombivli. The melodious 'Omkar', followed by soothening prayer... Disciplined students turned to their classrooms! In spite of their basic problem of hearing, they sing the National Anthem, Perform dramas and dances. Yes ! it is the great achievement of Rotary Seva Kendra's Rotary School for Deaf and dedicated efforts made by them to lift their life with great success in a society since 39 years.

School was started in 1970, considering a urgent requirement of society for such facility. That was a very hard time to comply its requirements time to time. Rotary Club of Dombivli, the entire Rotary Family & well wishers have supported the activity.

Society can realize grievances of blind, orthopedic, mentally disordered; but the disability like hearing impairedness is always unnoticed and hence their problems always have been ignored by our society. The children are deaf due to meningitis, high doses of medicines. But to overcome their problems, the only way is the exceptional concern to be taken by the special schools and teachers' efforts and last but not the least, the parents should always care their child and consider as a gift given to them by God.

Deafness is unseen disability which changes the whole life of a child. But Rotary Club of Dombivli, realised the difficulties to be faced by the children and attitude always taken by the society towards them and to overcome that, in 1970, they built a small milestone for the children like this by opening the doors of education to them. With the great hard work of Rotary Club, the number of students increased day by day and now not surprising, there are 106 students taking education. And lastly, the day came in 1976, when Government of Maharashtra Social Welfare Department, Pune appreciated the hard work taken by Rotary Club by giving them recognition.

The school has it's own two storied building with bright and airy classrooms, well equipped Group Hearing Aid System, trained and devoted teachers, staff and hard working and efficient management are the noteworthy highlights. Speech Trainer, Audiometer, Speech Room, Science Lab, Computer Room are the facilities provided.

  Total Students : School Students - 103
: College Facility Students - 150
  Total - 253
Age Group : Infant level & above
Eligibility : Case History
  Medical Certificate
  Home Visit
Educational facilities for : Junior K. G to 10th std
: College facility for 11th to Graduation
: Masters Degree Admission Started
Educational facilities : Speech therapy for the students with the help of cochlear implant available in our school. Development of speech and language for the hearing for cochlear implant students with the auditory verbal therapy by paraprofessional. For correction of all speech disorders like Voice, Fluency, Language and Articulation by expert professionals.
Vocational Guidance : Drawing, Typing, Craft, Dance-Drama, Computer,
  Screen-printing Sewing etc
  Personality Development
       Social Aspect
: Interact Club of Rotary School for Deaf
: Road Special Police (RSP)
: Scout & Guide
: Red Cross Society
: World Wide Fund raising for Nature (WWF)