School Facilities


It is very shocking for the parents to come to know about their child's deafness. The deafness comes by birth or after birth because of some reason/s. The child undergoes an ear check up.

The school admissions start from the age of two and half years. The child learns to be independent here. He learns to get control on his muscles, breathing, lip - movements, self - reading of name, pictures, conversation art and thus the education of the art of hearing starts. Here, the children are taught to differentiate between various sounds and are trained to hear the sound and use the headphones. Not only they learn to hear a sound, but they are made able to learn a language, with the help of earphones.

  Facility Brief
Educational Specialty:  
Early Identification and intervention center. Early Identification and intervention center.


Every class has E –learning facility available. Teacher can teach students audio visually with the use of this facility.
Online Education During Covid-19 we use online education system for teaching.
Started Interact Club for students Our Interact Club is Institute Based Club, a program of Rotary International for the youth wing. It has our own Rotary Club of Dombivli as parenting body. It is more useful as "Mini B School and for building Leadership qualities'
Hearing Aids Groups  
Auditory- Speech room Well equipped, the only facility in entire Thane Dist
Speech Trainer  
Group - Hearing aid sets 5 for class rooms
Educational - CDs On Mathematics, History. Science, Geography. Laboratory.
Up-to-date Library  
Computer Teaching Computer education from 1st std.
Teaching Staff Well educated & well behaved lovable staff
Cochlear Implant Cochlear Implant speech therapy and education is available for Cochlear Implant students
Career Guidance Career Guidance is made available to suit our special students from various sectors.
Correction of all speech disorders Correction of all speech disorders like Articulation, Voice, Fluency, Language are available with us.
Computer Training for students Ms-CIT
Basic Computer Course
For Parents of the Students Vocational Facilities
Educational Tours Tour to the sectors where it is vacationally useful for the students.
English Language Training This is provided to the students by 'Deed Foundation'
Counselling Facility Counselling for the Students & for their Parents by various experts for various aspects of their life.
Infant Training Infant Training Program is implemented
Individual Educational Support Individual Educational Support Program is implemented by special coaching to the student
Yearly Medical check-up. Health first. In case some medical complaints, it is followed up with the parents.
Dance & Drama Training To give scope to the hidden talent of the students.
Scout & Guide This adds to adopt discipline & values in the life
WWF Membership For the program of World Wide Fund raising for Nature
Red Cross- Membership Students can also get exposed to the activity of world recognised NGO
Interact Club Of Rotary Club of Dombivli
Road Safety Police (R.S.P) For the social involvement and to added gain confidence to lead their life.
Chaintanya Nisarga Mandal For the interaction with the natural treasurs on the earth
Science Conferences Learning by attending the conferances
Personality development Program This can help the students to keep away any hidden notions or complex and made fit to face the world after school / college education.
Monthly parent meetings. For the good co-ordination with the parents & students.
Art Gallery Varli Paintings.
Reading Room. For the reading facilities for the students.
Indoor Games:  
Chess Sets: 2 Nos
Carom Sets: 3 Nos
Outdoor Games:  
Cricket Sets: 2 Nos
Badminton Sets: 2 Nos
Basket ball
     (indoor practice facility available)
2 Nos
Rings 2 Nos
Musical Instruments:  
Casio 1 No
Dholki 1 No
CD Player 1 No
Other Facilities:  
First Aid Training & Facility First Aid kit
Lezim Sets: 24 Nos
Dumbbells Sets: 24 Nos