School Building

  School Building :- : Two-storied Bldg
  (Airy & with natural light)
Building area : 4005 Sq.ft.
Open area : 1200 Sq.ft.
Terrace Hall : 1800 Sq.ft.
Total area : 7005 Sq.ft.
Toilets : 6 + 2 = 8
Water Storage Tanks : 3
Bathrooms : 3

School building is centrally situated in the city of Dombivli. The school is consists of a ground + two storied building with its terrace covered as a utility premises.

On the 1st floor, there are classes for up to 4th std, then head mistress's office, computer section, Typing Section, and a study room.

The 2nd floor consists of 5th to 10th std classes and the special rooms for sewing and embroidery classes and a well equipped sound room with all the facilities made available there. This is the only such Speech Room in Thane District

The ground floor includes an AC Hall with a seating capacity of 150 people. There is a beautiful stage with a big center table, podium, mike system and a music system.

There is an office of Rotary Seva Kendra Trust, Near the entrance of the building. The surroundings of the building are covered by the weather shed and every inch is used in a witty fashion.

The terrace, which is covered now, is very specious and the children can have the school competitions over there.