School Admission


History Deafness an unseen unnoticed disability. It hampers the whole life. We speek because we hear write from birth we must thank that almighty who gave us the power of hearing.

It is very shocking for the parents to come to know about their child's deafness. The deafness comes by birth or after birth because of some reason/s. The child undergoes an ear check up.

The school admissions start from the age of two and half years. The child learns to be independent here. He learns to get control on his muscles, breathing, lip - movements, self - reading of name, pictures, conversation art and thus the education of the art of hearing starts. Here, the children are taught to differentiate between various sounds and are trained to hear the sound and use the headphones. Not only they learn to hear a sound, but they are made able to learn a language, with the help of earphones.

  Total Students : School - 91 Students
: College Facility - 191 Students
Age Group : Infant level and above
Eligibility : Case History
: Audiogram
: Medical Certificate
Educational facilities : Junior K. G to 10th std
: 11th to Graduation - First Graduate Batch in 2018
: Masters Admission Started now in 2019
Vocational Guidance : Drawing
: Typing, Craft
: Dance-Drama
: Computer
: Screen-printing
; Sewing etc