Photo Gallery

21 जून योगदिन शाळेत विद्यार्थ्यांसोबत साजरा करताना
वार्षिक सर्वसाधारण सभ
आषाढी एकादशी शाळेत साजरी करताना
नशामुक्त भारत पंधरवडा साजरा करताना
ग्रामीण भागात जाऊन श्रवण चाचणी तपासणी शिबिर घेतान
Road Special Patrol, A Team of Our School

Road Special Patrol & Our Teachers being Felicitated at the hands of
Hon. Actor Amitabh Bacchan

Interact Club of Rotary Deaf School
Independence Day Celebration - 2012
Ganesh Statue Making Workshop for our Deaf Students - 2012
Participation of  Donors & Rotary Family in Social Function
School Band participation in Environment Awareness Rally

100% Passing Result of our Xth Students

Participation in Science Exhibition
Performing Drama - 'Shiv Rajyabhishek'

Celebrating 'Christmas' with 'Santa'

Beyond Impairedness - Happiness on the face of our students
'Gopal Kala - Dahi Handi' by our School Students in School Premises
'Action Song' by our Junior Group
Celebrating Award Winning, Achieved by Road Special Patrol
Road Safety Patrol Team 2012

Our Student Scientist Master Akshay Rane & Master Karan Bhanushali

Stage Program Participation & Performance - 2012

Our Rotary Interact Club performing at Udaan - 2007

Udan - 2007 - Prize Winner Among Normal Groups